Crown xmas


Always good to get FREE BEER, but a little sweeter when it’s something you designed.
Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated.

The Key

emily floyd_1 emily floyd_2 emily floyd_3 emily floyd_4

One of our Design Directors recently visited the latest exhibition of Melbourne based contemporary artist Emily Floyd, now showing at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.  Focusing on key works from the past ten years of Floyd’s practice, the exhibition also includes eleven new works devised specifically for Heide galleries and grounds.

“The title Far Rainbow is taken from a 1963 Soviet science-fiction story set on the imaginary planet Rainbow, a utopian location inhabited by artists and scientists, which faces destruction when a science experiment spirals out of control. A starship sent to rescue the children and their teachers becomes like an orbiting kindergarten carrying with it the possibility of a regenerated future.”